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"Hans has been working with me on Macquarie University projects for 10+ years. Establishing a business incubator. Using his analytical process, he has a knack of finding the best way through the forest and finding great commercial outcomes."

Warren Bailey
Commercialisation Director, Macquarie University

"As an entrepreneur, it’s not always easy to get started so if you have someone who can just give you some clarity you’ll cut 15 years out of your journey. So I am very happy to have met Hans and Karen."

Laura Scheffner Alonso

" I’ve known Hans for 15+ years. He’s a highly effective business coach and outstanding mentor. He combines good commercial experience with a solid understanding of behavioural issues which must be addressed to bring a business to life. I highly recommend him."

Martin North
Founding Principal, Digital Finance Analytics

"I’ve known Hans for 14+ years and have consulted him on many R&D commercialisation projects. Hans put the whole strategy from initially reviewing the technology, how it needed to be developed as well as a fundraising strategy He has quite a nice succinct, direct, factual, straight-to-the-point communication style. "

Amanda McAlpine
IP Commercialisation Manager, Meat and Livestock Australia